Each school year, in lieu of engaging in other fundraising activities, Tesla STEM PTSA asks all STEM families for a Family Contribution, a minimum suggested donation of $200. A major portion of the funds raised is spent on grants, and an additional amount of money is earmarked for need-based scholarships.

One of the key objectives of Tesla STEM PTSA is to provide an opportunity to staff members and/or organizations to request funding to support programs, equipment or other activities that will help enhance the education experience at Tesla STEM High School. Grant applications are accepted in the fall of each school year. All grant requests are then reviewed by the Tesla STEM PTSA Grant Committee, and a list of priority grant(s) is recommended to the Tesla STEM PTSA Board of Directors for approval. Depending on the availability of additional funds budgeted for grants, this grant process is repeated in the spring. To request a grant, a Tesla STEM Staff member may complete the 2018-19 Grant Application Form and submit to the PTSA drawer located in the Staff Lounge.

In previous years, grant money has funded a variety of purchases, such as two kilns for the Arts and Science departments, emergency preparedness supplies, microscope cameras, and three 3D printers, just to name a few. 

In 2017-2018 Tesla STEM PTSA granted $18,483 to Tesla STEM High School to purchase or support the following:

  • Interactive Intro to Shakespeare for Freshmen $600
  • English Educational Magazine Subscriptions $350
  • Spanish magazines for Spanish 1, 2 & 3 classes $853
  • Counseling Center Lending Library $400
  • Iris Fluorescent Microscope $16,280


2016-2017 Tesla STEM PTSA Grants:

  • Maker Space Lab (portable shop)  $15,000 YTD; full project amount  $23,375
  • Oscillations and Waves in Physics: equipment to support physics classes
  • Classroom supplies for student projects
  • Adjustable desks
  • Software for lab computers
  • Neuroscience Equipment
  • Special Education Learning Aids
  • Curriculum development: Seattle Shakespeare for 9th grade LA
  • Learning and the Brain: Model learning aids
  • Magazine subscriptions
  • Scanner
  • Hybrid Autonomous Coordinated System (Engineering project support)
  • STEM sponsored Hackathon event


Tesla STEM PTSA is grateful to all Tesla STEM families past and present who provided the financial support to make these grants possible. Thank you!