Tesla Juniors, Sophomores and Freshmen!

Tesla PTSA has scheduled some fun escape room events for you. We want to celebrate all the hard work that you have done this year and get some relax time before finals and AP tests.

Stay tuned for more information about how to sign up !

Juniors: Wednesday, May 12 @ 4PM
Sophomores: Wednesday, May 19 @ 4PM
Freshmen: Wednesday, May 26 @ 4PM


CyberDox: Escape from Cyber Space is an early 2000s internet culture themed game that centers around a chain letter that is trapping recipients inside of their computer. This game is a call back to early internet and computer days (think minesweeper, AOL, Napster, dial up internet, etc.). This experience is perfect for people who like more high-tech adventures, augmented reality, hands-on gameplay, and interactive storytelling.
Camp Nightmare: Survive till Sunrise is a '90s summer camp slasher experience that centers around camp counselors trying to survive the night