Join us at the next Membership Meeting where we will be electing the Nominating Committee.

Date: January 30, 2019

Time: 7 PM

Venue: Lake Washington School District: 16250 NE 74th ST; Redmond Town Center (enter through doors adjacent to parking lot).

We know what you're thinking but are too shy to ask: What the heck is Nominating Committee and why should I care? Every spring PTSA members elect new officers to serve on the Board during the following school year. The Nominating Committee of 3 people helps fills the slate for the election by actively recruiting the most qualified people and interviewing nominees. NomCom has a significant influence on the future of the PTSA. Establishing and executing a solid process for identifying and nominating qualified people to step into leadership positions will ensure success for many years into the future! 

Mission: To recognize and recruit the most qualified people available for elected PTSA positions.

Duties:  Hold confidential meetings, review nominations, interview candidates, and search for the best qualified candidates. This is a short-term committee with a start date of February 2019.

Training: Free training sessions. Newbies welcome!

For more information, contact